Cracks in Concrete Block Walls

Are you noticing some cracks in your concrete block walls? Unfortunately, it can be difficult for a homeowner to determine whether or not the cracks are serious. There might be other issues hiding in your concrete block walls. If so, what should you do to fix them? 

Seeing cracks in your concrete block walls isn’t a good thing. A couple of cracks can be much more dangerous compared to some. That is why we are here to help you.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some of the most common types of block wall cracks and how to fix them with the help of a block wall repair Phoenix contractor. 

Horizontal Cracks 

You might notice your walls starting to bow if the supports aren’t strong enough to hold up concrete’s weight. This will lead to horizontal cracks. If you notice horizontal cracks in your concrete block walls, you should hire a professional masonry contractor right away. These cracks are very dangerous. The walls can implode at any time. It can cause damage to properties and injuries to whoever is near the walls. It’s an urgent issue. You shouldn’t ignore it. If you need repairs, a reliable masonry contractor can help you.  

Vertical Wall Cracks 

Vertical cracks in your concrete block walls are far more serious. There is a huge possibility that your block wall is failing. It can’t hold itself anymore. There is pressure building up against your block wall.  

Stair Step Cracks 

These are the most popular types of cracks in a concrete block wall. These cracks can show up in any masonry structure, such as brickwork, crawl space, foundation, block wall, and more.  

Usually, these cracks indicate that your home is settling unevenly. If you choose to ignore this issue, the cracks will continue getting worse over time. There can be more problems with other systems as well as your home shifts more and cracks widen.  

Water leaks can cause all forms of other problems and speed up the damage. Contractors consider these cracks as structural flaws if their width is more than ¼ inch.  

Things to Do 

On almost every occasion, you will not have to worry about the small cracks that appear in your concrete block wall. On the other hand, you want to hire a professional to evaluate your concrete block wall if you notice a crack accompanied by mold, leaks, or infestation. Keep in mind that it’s always best to be proactive when it comes to these issues.  

You can protect your concrete block walls for a long period if you waterproof your home’s exterior. Hire a professional to evaluate your concrete block wall if you notice diagonal or vertical cracks forming. The reason for this is that you might have a foundation leak. 

However, you shouldn’t rely on waterproofing alone. You need to reach out to a professional masonry contractor if you think your walls are bowing due to cracks. Masonry professionals will tell you what’s going on with your concrete block walls and will provide the best solutions to fix the problem.