Reasons to Dry Your Basement for the Holiday Season

This holiday season, the gifts found below your tree might not be as vital as the gifts below your feet. In fact, one of the greatest and long-lasting present you can provide your family would be to invest in basement waterproofing Glendale to make sure that it will always be dry. If you want to know the reasons why this investment is worth it to have this holiday season, read on this article: 

Minimize the risk of home damage 

If your basement is wet or has water, it can make it hard to use the area or live in it. When you plan to use your basement to store your Christmas gifts or household materials, you may end up needing to change them. Although, a wet basement can cause damage to more than tiny personal materials. Once the water gets into your basement, it is usually among the typical signs of greater foundation problems. 

Water pressure from the ground out of your house can be pushed inward, which will cause your foundation walls to shear, bow, or crack. If your basement has light dampness to it, it can possibly imply that there is underlying structural damage that will be exposed sooner or later.  

Improved energy efficiency 

Having a waterproof basement is actually a lifetime gift you can give to you and your family. A wet and damp environment similar to your basement usually takes longer to cool and heat. Dry environments tend to become more energy-efficient compared to wet spaces. Perhaps you want to deal with the continuous dampness in your basements by running fans or dehumidifiers. However, you also need to realize that having such appliances switched on 24/7 can definitely cause your energy bill to increase.  

Better air quality 

For those who are sensitive to mold, the development of mold in wet basements can lead to coughing, throat irritation, headaches, sneezing, and congestion. For those who have lung conditions such as asthma, the situation could become much worse. Improving your home’s air quality can greatly impact your life’s quality. In the end, the sounds you need to hear during the holiday seasons must be holiday music, and not coughing and wheezing.  

Cleaner smell 

That distinct musty and damp smell of the basement air is not the most attractive scent to have. In fact, it can only deter your visitors and choose to go out of your basement if this occurs. This smell is due to the development of fungus and mold. Mold tends to mostly survive in damp areas similar to a wet basement. Natural airflow and air ducts can take the smell upward and all over your home. If your basement is dry and clean, the mold could have a hard time developing. As you get rid of the wetness of your basement, you are actually doing something to prevent mold from propagating. 

Those are only some of the perks you can get once you consider having your basement waterproofed. Doing this also means that you are taking good care of your home. Call us if you want assistance with waterproofing your basement today.